Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What should have been a Clearlake review / Some Girls @ Nanci Raygun in RVA

It seemed innocent enough; an all ages show starting at 5pm and to be wrapped up by 10.

I was expecting to be home and writing a review by 11 but things changed when I took two blows to my eye socket from a jackass in the crowd who was half my age and wearing eyeliner. This kid literally didn't know what hit him back. I've been going to hardcore shows (which Some Girls is not) for nearly 20 years and have survived Superbowls of hardcore as well as CBGBs matinees. One lone dude trying to sadly display his hormone levels in an otherwise passive crowd wasn't about to ruin my evening.

Anyhow after taking two hits to my face I being the classy 30 something year old that I am began throwing punches back and shortly there after a small fist fight followed. Friends jumped in, chaos ensued briefly and the incident was wrapped up by an apolgy from the guy who elbowed my face at full force. That was that.

The lesson? Don't fuck with me.

I spent the rest of the night with Some Girls (friends of mine) throwing back drinks and telling myself for the thousandth time that I am getting to old for this.

The Clearlake review will follow later in the day. Pinky swear.