Saturday, January 28, 2006

Uk Riot Grrrl and Friends : Thee Headcoatees / The Demonas

Band: Thee Headcoatees / The Delmonas
Where: UK
When: 1991- 2000
Kyra Rubella
Holly Golightly
Ludella Black
Bongo Debbie
All the ladies went on to record solo projects or play in new bands.
Semi-Official Members:
Billy Childish: guitar
Johnny 'Tub' Johnson: bass
Bruce Brand: drums

Listen them here.

History: “The distaff garage band Thee Headcoatees was one of the innumerable projects spawned by the one-man cottage industry Billy Childish as a vehicle for his inexhaustible catalog of songs. Originally dubbed the Delmonas, the girl group was created as a sister band for Childish's band the Milkshakes, serving similar duty as a counterpoint to his subsequent project Thee Headcoats.”

Why did I include them in my list? Thee Headcoatees fall under the friends of Riot Grrrl category. I think it’s important to remember this simple formula: a woman in the 90’s making music with attitude doesn’t automatically make them a Riot Grrrl band. It sounds stupid but this was a common misconception of the day still carried into this decade. This is a sticking point with me as I very much fell under this category too and resented every interview or article on my old band that assumed I was Riot Grrrl because I was in that general age group and occasionally yelled. Secondly I think age is a huge factor with Riot Grrrl and The Headcoatees were a little older than the A-typical RG and in turn had influences , friends, and other garage flavored bands creating a totally separate, more adult music scene. Lastly I think Riot Grrrl bands looked up to Thee Headcoatees and in sense heavily influenced many of the key UK Riot Grrrl players.

Sounds like: If Thee Headcoats were women / garage-rock with attitude to the core.

Discography: The size of it almost rivals Billy Childish himself and is too large to list here. Check this link instead. The record collector complete-ist in me gave up on buying records by this band by the mid 90’s because it was simply impossible and too expensive to keep up.