Friday, January 13, 2006

What gives?

You know those annoying banner ads on Pitchfork for Well for the heck of it I clicked on the site and browsed around. Ignoring the cluttered and creepy MySpace hipster feeling the whole website has, I actually had no idea they carried music and its about now I bet you are wondering why the hell I am telling you this and no this isn't a secret commercial for that company.

The music store features reviews that match Pitchfork's titles du jour ( At least the day I looked. The site has changes since) and you also get to see cute little cartoonish profiles of each writer as well.

I thought Alternative Press was a visual nightmare appealing to teens but this is almost as bad leaning towards Urban Outfitters wanna be DIY cute.

I can't be sure what the deal is but clearly PFM is going steady with somebody new.