Saturday, January 28, 2006

Uk Riot Grrrl and Friends : Golden Starlet / International Strike Force

Band: Golden Starlet / International Strike Force
Where: UK
When: Early to mid 90s
Members: Golden Starlet thru the years
Rachel ( Also in Pussycat trash)
Sarah - Guitar
Janet Planet – Bass / Vocals
Nikki P – Drums
Wes - drums
Ms C – Guitar / Voice (also in Pussycat Trash)
Cheryl - drums
Nathan Rockstar - drums?

International Strike Force
Blackberry – bass/vox/drums
Tracy – Drums
Ms. C – Vox
Sarah – Guitar /vox
Pete – Castanets
Richie - Vocals

Why did I pick this band: Their packaging, their music, their lyrics, the labels they were on, the Riot Grrrl comp records they had tracks on, and the bands they played with.

Sounds like: ", the classic SLAMPT sound if there ever was one (if there ever is one!) This collection puts together both of their classic singles andtheir demo tape. Imagine SHOP-ASSISTANTS-style tribal drumming pushing alongcrazed female vocals and wall of noise punk guitar. Sorta likea more extreme HUGGY BEAR, with very clever (often ironic, never self-aware or at least never admitting it) lyrics"

Discography: I don't think this is terribly complete but it is close. Feel free to post any additional records I may have missed.

Golden Starlet
Token Gadgy 26 song LP + comic
Hot Stuff 7”
Va / Elastic Jet Mission - Slampt
Va / Scandalized, Traumatized, Baptized - Paroxysm Records
Va / Seven Unlucky Sevens - Slampt
Va / Astral Angora - Nana

International Strike Force
Treat Yourself 7" - Slampt
Soeur 7" - Slampt
Love Is - LP/CD? - Slampt
Radio Finland 7" - label?
Va - Coffee Coffee 7" - label?
Black Cat #13 split 7" - Proic
Va / Taking a Chance on Chances - Slampt / TMU cd