Monday, January 09, 2006

UK Riot Grrrl and their Friends: Lung Leg

Band:Lung Leg
Where: Scotland
When: – Mid to late 90’s
Amanda / Jade Green (Tadpole)
Annie Spandex
Jane Egypt (Dick Johnson)
Morine Quim

Why I picked this band for my list: See the Wikipedia history below.

History: "Lung Leg were an indie band from Glasgow, formed in 1994, and disbanded 1999. They were known for a sparsely recorded stop-start kind of music influenced by C86 and riot grrrl as much as by post-punk bands such as The Fall and The Fire Engines. Singer Jane McKeown is the sister of John McKeown from The Yummy Fur and the two bands often toured together and even sometimes sounded similar.

The original line-up, Jane McKeown ("Jane Egypt"), "Annie Spandex", "Jade Green" and Maureen Quin ("Mo Mo Quim") released two EPs in 1994 and 1995, both of which were "single of the week" in the NME. Jade left in 1996 to be replaced by Todd. This second line-up recorded their debut album, Maid To Minx.

Jane was also the drummer in label-mates Dick Johnson, and when Maureen quit Lung Leg in 1997 it was from this band that they recruited her replacement, Phillipa, who featured on their last single in 1999. "

Bonus: Lung Leg toured w/ Yummy Fur and The Make Up ( in support of the split 7” which helped to expose Lung Leg to American being one of them.

Style: Bis and Lung Leg were both from Glasgow, Scotland and released similar sounding early singles, danceable pop presented with a feminine sting. In the end I favor Bis but the Lung Leg track “Krayola” is so incredibly infectious that it would turn anyone into a fan.

Discography: KRS = Kill Rock Stars

KRS259 Hello Sir 10"/CDEPOther Discography
POMP 001 In Spelunca 10" Compilation (Vesuvius)
POMP 007 Maid to Minx LP/CD (Vesuvius)
POMP 010 Right Now Baby 7" (Vesuvius)
Made to Minx/Juanita 7" (Southern)
split 7" w/ The Makeup (Southern/Vesuvius) * Favorite Lung Leg song
Slampt 28 Elastic Jet Mission Compilation LP (Slampt)
GUIDE 17 Theme Park 7" (Guided Missile)
PIAO! 2 The Negative Delinquent Autopsy 7"
PIAO! 5 Shagg the Tiger 7" EP
FLOP 02 Easter Egg-splosion 7" Compilation (Basketcase)
SHag 13.06 Club Beatroot Pt. 6 7" Comp. (Flotsam & Jetsam)
NANA 1 Astral Angora 7" Compilation (Nana)

Pitchfork gave their Maid to Minx record a 1.7 rating.

This is a brutal politically incorrect review from PFM. I think Howard Stern could have written a more thoughtful review. This whole piece is so wrong, so fucking shitty that it’s hardly worth dragging out but here are a few samples of the piece.

PFM says: “Lung Leg's another technically- crippled, fashion- conscious band out to prove that, yes, anyone can play this three- chord crap called punk," and look cute doing it, too. Hell, after listening to Maid to Minx, the Muffs' Blonder and Blonder suddenly sounds like the Stooges' Funhouse. But as much as I love to exaggerate, I'm almost, like, totally serious here. And now, because I'm such a big lover of rock n' roll mascara, let's just examine the thick layers of this band's overall make-up.”

“In a nutshell, these songs are only slight variations on the same awful song. Consider the B-52's if fronted by Yoko Ono and with Jad Fair on guitar, and you may get some idea of how inhumanly obnoxious this band is. And how these Scots can manage to sound so damn Japanese, I'll never know.”

“Lung Leg is not a gaggle of hairy- legged, muscle- bound lesbians screaming songs about cutting up males. Just look at the back cover-- there you'll find the band in all their photogenic Seventeen magazine glory. Personally, I'll take belligerent gorilla lesbians over these precious kewpie dolls any day. I can only recommend that you run far, far away from Maid to Minx.”

I would really like to believe PFM wouldn’t dare post something this offensive today but this is a great reminder of just how flawed Pitchfork can be.