Sunday, January 22, 2006

The saga continues: UK Riot Grrrl and their friends!

Sorry this has been so spread out. I have a new computer, my scanner isn't hooked up yet and I still have files related to this post in my old computer. None the less here is a little something to hold you over.

Band – Linus

(FYI: There is a new band from Honolulu with the same name as well as a metal band from Texas. Boston even has a Linus band but none of these band are Riot Grrrl related or off shoots of the original band. Not even close.)

Where – UK

When -1992 – 2005

Members :
Tammy Denitto – vocals & lyrics
Andy Roberts – guitar, vocals, keyboards, lyrics ( also played in Element of Crime)
Deb Van Der Geugten – bass, vocals, lyrics
Andy Withey – drums
Jennifer Denitto – ( Tammy’s sister ) bass, guitar, founding member and is the only member who has played every instrument in the band at least once.

They had about 10 other drummers see here.


History : Linus actually have their own website telling their history in their own words. Yay!

Why I picked this band – They played with other Riot Grrrl bands of the day, Played RG related fests, were on RG comps, and their assorted record labels put out other RG associated bands. Their early records also had awesome RG fanzine quality to their packaging.

Style - From their website: “An amalgamation of influences such as X, Buzzcocks, The Partridge Family, and Gang of Four have made our music difficult to categorise. Let's just call it 'punk-pop', shall we?”

They don't sound much like their influences but you can check them out for yourself here .