Monday, January 30, 2006

Low feeling low

I’m often disappointed with the interviews found on PFM but this Low / Alan Sparhawk interview is rather astounding. The timing of the piece also could ‘t be more poignant as it discusses in great personal detail both mental health and religion (even Buddha Machine!); issues that have come up as of late on PFM and in turn TFM.

My favorite part of the interview:

Pitchfork: What do kids love?
Sparhawk: They love microphones. They like flashlights and they like microphones.
Pitchfork: Is it one of those toy microphones that make sound effects or an actual microphone you've taken from the studio?
Sparhawk: No, I actually like taking a mic and plugging it into an amp and giving it to a kid to see what they do, cause they flip out. They're way more in touch with their voices than we give them credit for. And if you give them something weird like loops and, I don't know, pretty soon you've got a --
Pitchfork: You've got a musical kid after a while.
Sparhawk: Well, it sounds a little bit like Gang Gang Dance. But she's doing it; she likes it.
Pitchfork: Does she like Gang Gang Dance? Do you play that in the house?
Sparhawk: No, Hollis is more of a Green Day fan.
Pitchfork: I can see that. She probably hears Gang Gang Dance and thinks, "I can do that," and she turns it off.