Saturday, January 28, 2006

Uk Riot Grrrl and Friends :Bette Davis & the BalconettesBand: Bette Davis & the Balconettes

Band: Bette Davis & the Balconettes
Where: UK
When: 1996-1998
Members: I am ashamed to say I don’t have their records and in turn have don’t have liner notes to work from. I can’t find anything on line either so if you know who the members are, please post it!

History: Taken From Damaged Goods
“From Manchester they burst onto the scene in late 1996 with their first single Paul Power T-shirt on Baby Boom records, Melody Maker gave it Single of the Week and Everett True called them ‘the coolest boy grrl punk band in the world’. John Peel loved them too playing all their stuff over and over again.”

Why did I include them in my list: I’ll confess, this band escaped me in the 90’s and it wasn’t until I began researching my UK Riot Grrrl list of bands and records did I stumble across their name over and over again as being one of the best bands in the general RG genre. Having a record on Slampt gives them the final Riot Grrrl related stamp of approval and their link to Damage Goods connects them to Thee Headcoatees.

Sounds like: Also from the DG site.
“Ace single from Mancunion fuzzy scuzzy female shouty bunch. This record magnificently merges the groove of a lo-fi surf instrumental with the raw energy of their punky tribal cacophony.”

Surf Surf Kill Kill 7” Damaged Goods
Shergar 7” Damaged Goods
Paul Power T-Shirt 7" Baby Boom
Celebrity Fuckers 7" Slampt
I Wanna Be Your Moog 7" Baby Boom
Va /Damaged Goods Cheap Sampler Cd
Va /Taking Chances on Chances Slampt / TMU
Va / Brighton Crawl 7" Melting Vinyl