Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crash Course

Thanks to the nice and occasionally not so nice mentions and links to our site from other music sites, Tuningforkmedia has a readership that has just about tripled over the past few weeks.

Since so many people are new to the site I thought I might give a crash course to the site.

This blog started about a year ago as a joke between a few friends. We never expected the word to spread no less have more than 10 people read our rambles. We are by no means a mega site but the fact that a thousand plus (right now 2000+) people read weekly still blows my mind.

We run this site under secret identities. All of us work in the music industry and have full time jobs in the music world. Our companies don't need to be attached to our thoughts and opinions but on a plus this means we have the inside scoop on a lot of the bands / music Pitchfork writes about. We don't care if you think we are cowards for using codenames, our paychecks come from somwhere else and we have to respect this reality.

I am pitchperfect and I am the main posting fool on this site. If you have unkind words for anything we post just remember that we for the most part keep things above the belt. Ultimately this is about music and not attacking writers as people. If you have something to post, go for it, just try to keep it constructive. We don't know everything. Our opinions are just that, opinions. We sometimes get our facts scrambled and if you know we messed something up or have extra info to ad, please do so. Anyhow if you are going to post stupid shit about me at least get my gender right. Nothing worse than being called dude or a kid when I am neither. As it says in my profile I am a woman in my 30s and the rest of our writers are adults too...tho all the rest are dudes. And not like that should matter anyhow.

If you think you would like to write / help with the site please email us at I would love to add a few people a little more educated and tuned into electronic music and hip hop. Posting every day no less tracking down at least one record Pitchfork covers a day is an exhausting task. I love it but I will confess, I don't sleep much.

If you run a label or are a publicist please take note. We would love your promos. Not only will we review it but a few of us are also DJs and we try to do a monthly give-a-way on the site where readers can win cds. Our address is listed on the top left side of the front page of this blog.

Also if you know Pitchfork has posted a mistake and you have the correct info please drop us a line.

People always ask why pick on Pitchfork and again because the writers of Tuningfork work in the music industry, we have to look at the site every day. I know it might sound crazy but the news they post, the reviews they run affect all sides of the music world ( indie and major). Radio, other music publications, retail...the list goes on. I think it is important to fact check one of the most powerful music sites in the world and to quote myself, Pitchfork is considered to be a Gods controlling who the next hot band will be and if that is the case than consider me an agnostic. (Black Book Magazine interview)

Lastly and God Bless if you haven't stopped reading by now, we don't always post about Pitchfork. Sometimes we do show reviews, post news, review non pitchfork cds, as of right now I am running (in annoying drips and drabs) the history of UK riot Grrrl and bands you might want to check out if you are into this new wave of girl fronted bands coming out from over seas, we have the greatest occasional short fiction starring members of the indie rock community, there is a running series called confessions of a record addict, and then yes, we have lots of Pitchfork reviews too.

Thanks for dropping by,