Monday, January 16, 2006

Edith Frost / It's A Game / Rating 5.8

We posted this review back on 11/30/05 and gave the cd away in one of our contests so here at camp TFM this record is old news x 2. Oh yeah, PFM posted their review today hence this deja vu...or deja view I should say.
Here is a the review again in case you missed it the first time. When we review a cd Pitchfork has neglected to cover at the time , we post it in one of three colors to reflect how we liked or didn't like the cd.
Red - hot Mustard = luke warm Blue = leaves me cold
Both folk and country have had quite a comeback over the past few years and what this means for artists falling under either category or under the umbrella of both is the competition is stiff. Edith Frost’s newest release It’s a Game fails to make it into the semi finals no less the final round of best in 2005 show.

Sullen ballads, naked sorrow, moody narratives…there are coffee shops and dorm rooms across America filled with this very same display of sleepy woe, only they probably know how to carry a tune more successfully.

Reaching for the Patsy Cline brass ring is a gutsy recording move but Frost’s carousel of a record goes nowhere traveling at a safe slow pace, never rewarding the listener with a solid compound or prize.

50 minutes of unsatisfying round and round makes the wait for one of the stronger tracks like "Playmate" and “Just a Friend” a test of patience.