Friday, January 20, 2006

Paul Weller / As is Now / Rating 7.2

"As Is Now is Weller's eighth studio solo album, and it does very little that you could call unexpected, but does it all very well nonetheless."

This is becoming a morning ritual but without the perks of say the life giving power of coffee. PFM has posted yet another review of a cd which street dated back in October. ( 10/11/05)

There are is only thing I should tell you straight away about this Paul Weller cd. I give away cds on this site for two reason: 1. because somehow I ended up with a second copy or 2. because I didn’t like the cd enough to keep it.

In dashing mod idol Paul Weller’s case it was the latter.

By 4am this morning I mimed a thing called sleep. It was a quiet performance completed with both eyes closed but the rest came in sprint form; a few minutes here, a few minutes there. My cat unimpressed with this tossing and turning opted to explore the contents of a kitchen bag containing chicken bones from a sub par southern fast food chain whose claim to fame is fried chicken made with the original original KFC recipe.

Where was I...oh yes...PFM writer Joe Tangari has passed my fact checking test with flying colors and his opinions of As is Now mirror my own completely.

To continue with the confessions of a shut in I should also include this meal of grease and crunch was consumed while watching NBC prime time television; a guilty pleasure on Thursdays and a much needed rest from music which plays for 6 to 12 hours of my day. Waiting for The Office I sat covered in blankets, head cocked to the right as two characters on some show called Four Kings talk about knowing obscure bands and attending an Arcade Fire concert. I was originally suspicious that this was an uninspired fever dream but alas according to blog search engine Icerocket it was very real. Huh.

My lack of focus today is punishable by music critique law, forgive me.

PFM says : "What really struck me as I listened to As Is Now, though, is how much it grew on me."

I agree but in my on going act to be realistic about what I will listen to again, to our blog contest it went.

It is now nearly 10am and there is nothing more I would like to do than return to bed but a pair of morning doves are playing windowsill musical chairs. In flight they surprisingly sound like my first car when my catalytic convert was on the outs. Temporarily nestled their coo sounds closer to a crappy bird call I learned to make by cupping my hands together in a certain formation and blowing through it while fanning my fingers circa summer camp 1977 . I’ll be damned if I can sleep through that racket on top of knowing the torture my cat suffers while watching these meals with wings inches behind the bedroom curtain dance from window to window.

“As in Now”, post PFM review, lack of sleep riddled, and a new day of zombie ahead I am missing that Paul Weller cd and secretly wondering if a music reviewer in 20 years will be saying the same thing about Teddy Leo.