Friday, January 20, 2006

Pitchperfect: An expose

FACT 1: Pitchperfect (if that is her real name) claims to be veteran hipster, with many years experience in the trenches and a real laminated card to prove her cred.

FACT 2: Pitchperfect owns an obscene amount of records, thereby re-affirming fact 1.

FACT 3: In all my interaction with Pitchperfect both in person, via phone and over e-mail she has said all the right things to make me think she was "cool" and "hip" and occasionally "hungry" or "thirsty", but that's beside the point.

FACT 4: Pitchperfect started this here blog, surely something someone with high musical tastes wouldn't do and maintain at such a high level.

FACT 5:Pitchperfect was in a band. A good band to boot. Tons of hipster points. You can only get more if points if you punched Danzig (the guy who did that has a hall pass for life).

I present these facts to show that Pitchperfect has built a persona as one cool chiquita. Yet today that facade crumbles.

You see not a month ago did I receive a Christmas gift from Pitchperfect. See she is nice and giving. The gift in question? A 2006 daily flip calendar that recommends good music to download. So far the calendar hasn't steered me wrong.

Until today.

Today the calendar recommended "Seniorita" by Justin Timberlake.

How dare you calendar!

Does the calendar not know that when my girlfriend moved in with me I refused to let the accursed "Justified" (oh god what an awful pun of a title) into our shared living space?

Does the calendar know that the cd lives now with her 17 year old sister?

Does the calendar know that my eyes roll into the back of my head and i start to convulse whenever i see Timberlake on tv?

Does the calendar know that when i saw a picture of a shirtless tatooed Timberlake on a movie website the other day i spit oatmeal all over my computer screen?

No of course it doesn't, its just a calendar. But Pitchperfect should have known better!

So Pitchperfect...what do you have to say for yourself???

ps: I know that some hipsters will try to defend Justin Timberlake as a guilty pleasure. Well guess what? Uh uh. No. He is the creepy musical theater kid who really wanted to be Michael Jackson. He wore the glove and did the dances and everything. Not cool.