Monday, January 09, 2006

UK RIOT GRRRL and their Friends : Mambo Taxi

Band: Mambo Taxi
From : UK
When : Early 90's
Ella – Guitar / Vocals
Andrea – Organ
Lenie – Bass / vocals
Anjali – drums / vocals ( Also was in Voodoo Queens and most recently is a solo artist. See my Voodoo Queens post for more info on her)
Karin - drum (replaced Anjali)
Delia - played guitar in Mambo Taxi, The Phantom Pregnancies and Baby Birkins. She drummed in The Action Time and sang in The Family Way. She's also in The Sinisters playing guitar and dances in the The Actionettes. Bass in the A-Lines.

Why did I pick this band for my list: The UK / USA press was all about this band during the Riot Grrrl explosion and they played on Riot Grrrl associated bills. When I bought these records over a decade a go I didn't know anything about them but the clerk at the local record store insisted they were a UK Riot Grrrl band I shouldn't miss out on.

Band History: I got nothin'. There are brief mentions of the band on line but I couldn't find anything truly informative about the band at all. If you know something please post it in the comments section!

Sounds like: "Mambo Taxi for example, were inspired by sixties garage rock, by retro bands such as Thee Headcoats/Headcoatees, and soundtracks to films like American Graffiti and Hairspray as well as by punk."

My two cents: I agree with the above description though the singles I have suggest a more basic 1-2-F-U punk element; garagey yes but with more feedback and sneer then your basic girl garage group. I must confess this is one of my least favorite bands of this time period.

Discography: I can't find a complete listing ANYWHERE so here is what I have in my collection / know about.

"Prom Queen" 7" / B-side -"Insecure" / Clawfist records
"Do you always dress like that in fornt of other peoples boyfriends?" / B-side - " I Want to Marry a Serial Killer" / Calwfist Records
"Poems on the Underground / B-side - A & E / Clawfist Records
In Love With - 12" ( lp????) / Clawfist Records
Wat Tyler / Mambo Taxi split 7" / limited to 500 / Honey Bear Records
I know there must be a few comp tracks out there so if you know any please post a comment.