Sunday, January 15, 2006

Death Cab For Cutie on Saturday Night Live

Thank you Budweiser for giving us light and refreshing amber entertainment known as Death Cab For Cutie. The SNL standard of two songs were played ("Soul Meets Body" / "Crooked Teeth"). Chris Walla blew the all dark colors motif by sporting a brown and white western shirt. Ben Gibbard was looking more Chia Pet than ever. Somebody needs to tell Nick Harmer his hair is terrifying. Drummer Jason McGerr accented his ripped performance with an Asian inspired headband (?) but with just about every SNL skit featuring the lovely and talented Scarlett Joahansson singing, Death Cab has been overshadowed by Miss Joahanssons umm… ahhhhh…..errrrrr…..ample assets.

The surprise of the night was the use of Smog’s song "Bathysphere" (off of Wild Love) during the deep sea exploration skit. Hate to say it but that 4 second clip outshined Death Cab’s performance too.

(Magic P if for some reason you are reading this, you did one hell of a job making Death Cab sound as good as they get live. High-five!)