Monday, January 30, 2006

Love Is All / Nine Times The Same Song / Rating 8.7

"Love Is All make it work cos they know their snags-- shitty equipment, love-lyrical cliché, inevitable Life Without Buildings and Yeah Yeah Yeahs comparisons-- and speed headlong into them regardless. "

THAT'S RIGHT, I almost forgot!!! This is the band that lit the fire under my ass to revisit all of my UK Riot Grrrl records again. FYI the UKRG list is now complete and in a few days will be organized in an easier to follow / one after another alphabetical grouping.

Buy Love is All now.

The PFM review was poorly timed and ran waaay to early. This record deserves your attention NOW that it is actually for sale and readily available. I however do appreciate PFM mentioning the manufacturing delay which held up this record for several months.

Buy this record now.

I will warn you know that finding this record in the average record store may not be an easy task so mail order might be your only option.

Still buy this record now.

PFM writer Nick Sylvester described this band in ways I would not. Daftpunk? ESG? Orange Juice? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? James Chance? No. Not really. Rolling my eyes. Sure, kooky female vocals. No wave + sax. Why not use the more appropriate X-Ray Spex or in musical theory Huggy Bear who a decade later have inspired the birth of cute and lovable bear cubs.

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If I had the freedom to play producer and reshape bands I like into bands I love, Love is All has done it for me.

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They are the Concretes with brass knuckles.

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They are Arcade Fire with the vocal duties mostly carried out by the double X chromosome. (I prefer Regine Chassagne vocals over Win Butler )

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They are the Sugarcubes minus the deconstructed pop distraction of Einar.

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They are a more compact Architecture in Helsinki.

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If you do not like the bands I mentioned thus far:

Do not buy this record now.

30 minutes of unbelievably infectious music isn’t enough, I WANT MORE.

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I 100% agree with the PFM rating of 8.7

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Love is all should have more MySpace friends than just 600+

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When Pitchfork LOVES a band I have to confess, 7 times out of 10 I tend to totally agree.

But this record now.

I don’t really know the actual ratio of PFM favorite bands I also support and I really don’t like CYHSY but I agree with most of the other PFM major favorite and I suppose this is the thing that makes them the powerhouse that they are.

Buy this record now.

See, TFM likes PFM.

And loves Love is All.