Monday, January 23, 2006

Uk Riot Grrrl and Friends : Kenickie

Band : Kenickie

From : UK

When : 1994- 1998

Members : Marie Du Santiago – vocals / guitar
Lauren Laverne – vocals / guitars
Emmy-Kate - Bass
Peter Gofton AKA Johnny X – Drums


History: Named after the character 'Kenickie' from the musical 'Grease', these high school friends formed a band that turned down a Creation records offer to instead sign with Slampt and years later were one of the only bands in this scene to jump to a major label. Their major label move equated to the loss of much of their original following who at the time were very pro DIY and not supportive of the prototypical concept of selling out.

More band history is available here.

Why I picked this Kenickie: While the music from their major years reflect a more studio savvy mature rock / pop band (Elastica minus Wire) their first two singles remain some of my favorite Grrrl related records of all time. Do yourself a favor and find either the Catsuit City 7” single or the Come Out 2 Nite 7” record.

Style: Trashy, meldodic, the right balanace of heavy and delicate, charming pop with a knife behind its back... they knew how to play their intruments and write songs that John Peel loved for a reason. Listening to these records now I can imagine the Donnas would sound like this this had they liked Blondie more than the Ramones.