Friday, March 31, 2006

ViewingFork? What the hell is that?

Hello all, TQT here.

So as you probably know i love music. The only thing that comes close to that love is my affection for film. So with the Blessing of Pitchperfect i have started my own little sister site for film review: ViewingFork.

Don't worry i won't be reviewing Ice Age 2 or anything like that. It is more along the lines of independent film and classics, because that is where my tastes fall. And of course there will be more of my random writings unrelelated to a particular film, as well as a good amount of articles about the intersection of film and music.

Most of this will be related to DVD releases. Because i love DVD's. Simple as that.

Why did i start this site you ask? Because i figured there weren't any people on the internet expressing their opinions about film. And i will be the first.

Hopefully very soon more people will join me in reviews, ala this site. Offers are being made, shady backroom deals brokered.

So please take a look if you have a moment and let me know if you have any feedback. Anything from 'Looks good' to 'You suck, sucko' will be taken into consideration. Thanks