Thursday, March 23, 2006


About once a month we here at Tuning Fork try to share the wealth and offer up a few promo cds to our nice readers. To win all you need to do is:

A) Check the comments section to see if anybody claimed the cd you want to win first.
B) If the cd you want has yet to be requested leave a comment saying your first name and the cd you want. This will let others know the cd has a new home.
C) Email us at your name / address / and cd you want.

You can only win one cd per contest and only if you haven't won a cd from us in the past two months. It is as easy as that. There is no creepy catch. I don't email spam in the future or mail you adult catalogs three months from now. You get a cd (sometimes more cds if I have some extra stuff sitting around) and a DIY fold / cut / and fill out tuningfork membership card that has zero meaning to about 99.9 % of the world but that .1 % who are record inter-web geeks too will totally be barely impressed. Awesome right?

The goods:

Drift- dvd w/ Lee Renaldo & Leah Singer - Plexifilm (full art) WE HAVE A WINNER

Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering cd - Fatcat (skinny jewel case promo cd) WE HAVE A WINNER

Coldcut - Sound Mirrors - Ninja Tune (full art cd) WE HAVE A WINNER

The Sword - s/t - Kemado Records (promo cd not real art) WE HAVE A WINNER

Man Man - Six Demon Bag - Ace Fu (no art/just promo cd) WE HAVE A WINNER

Rahim - Jungles - French Kiss - ( promo cd w/ art and I hate to say it but this single is better than the full length) WE HAVE A WINNER

Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit - Matador (promo cd no art) WE HAVE A WINNER

Good luck and yes I will mail cds to people living out of the USA. Non-American indie music fans deserve presents too!!! PS: Selling your prize to a local store makes you a bad bad person. If you don't like the music please pass it onto a friend who might.