Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuning Fork BDAY posts continue : Andy Rooney The 2nd


The word apparently is a Slavic word that originally denoted the principal commander of a military force.

But if you're like me you didn't actually know that until a few hours ago. How about that there world wide web huh? (Look Mom, I'm on the internet!). No, if you're like me the word Voivod summons images of some weird ass sci-fi future where a robotic tank crushes everything in it's path, where some robot-astronaut hybrid leaves beyond a post nuclear holocaust world to wreak havoc in outer-space, and where far to many hours are spent perfecting a font on a binder. It summons memories of the sounds of what is essentially one of the best metal bands to ever emerge. As a teenager (way to many years ago), to me there was no other band that so perfectly bridged the gap between my love for trash metal and my love for progressive rock. Throw in the aforementioned post-apocalyptic humankind enslaved by technology vibe and I was totally fucking sold. And unlike most of what I put on that teenage pedestal it's stood the test of time. I remember seeing Voivod twice in the mid-80's, first with Celtic Frost, and secondly with Soundgarden & Faith No More. That they were headlining the later mentioned show is testament to how poised they were to be as massive as bands like Slayer & Metallica and others that rose to the top of the metal & rock ranks.

Various lineup changes, unfortunate accidents, and most recently an untimely death have sometimes made it seem like there's a curse hanging over the band. Just when it seems like it's starting to get back on track, it isn't. I remember seeing them open for Motorhead & Entombed in Montreal about three years ago and neither of the other two bands could even compete with the energy in that room when they hit stage and the rumors of Snakes return were found to be true as he came out of the wings. I like to think that show was the start of new era.

All this came back to me after catching an art exhibition last week which featured Voivod cover art and other artwork by Michel "Away" Langevin (drummer for Voivod). Michel informed me that a new Voivod record is being released this summer and that some back catalog is finally getting issued again. I'm convinced it's not to late for them to finally obtain the wider recognition they always deserved.

All this is to say that I'd like to declare this week (and I'm sure the lovely Pitchperfect would support me) as International Buy A Voivod Record week. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about will agree, and anyone who doesn't..."they're from Montreal" (hipsters tell that counts for a lot... actually they're not really, but from a town close enough and unless you're from Quebec you'll have never heard of it anyway...).

I recommend "Dimension Hatross" or "Nothing Face". And for now I give you these photos from the art show, including one with Mr Away himself.

As the opening to War & Pain says... "Voivod!!!!!!!!!!"