Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boris / Pink / Southern Lord / Rating: 8.7

“sneak a listen to the spaced-out seven-minute opener, which manages to combine the best elements of classic British shoegaze and Sigur Rós with bliss-out metal faves Jesu and Isis…
So, after allowing the opener to evaporate, Boris jump-cut to the album's title cut-- a full-throttle psych riot.”

You are probably thinking Boris again? We’ve, well more specifically I have posted a few times about this release already but I swear this is the last time. I finally have the Southern Lord version in my hands and I wanted to give the final word on how this varies from the import and my thoughts on the record.

1.The artwork is different and the clever Southern Lord folks have created an acid tab packaging which once you hear the record will make total sense. The acid tab thing is a little hokey to me but then again the owner of Southern Lord plays in Sunno))) and they are grown men in robes bathed in two smoke machines so this Boris packaging makes double sense.

2.The last track of Pink "Just Abondoned My-Self" contains an extended version which appears in a much shorter form on the import.

3. The metal world needed a band to dare to reverse the Spinal Tap art of black on black to a modern metrosexual look of pink on pink. Boris doesn't need to prove they rock by using tradtional metal colors, they are secure with their high quality level of heavy.

4. The PFM review, the words and rating are about as perfect as it gets. I personally wish more of the record follows the Jesu vibe of the first track (Jesu was my favorite record of last year) but I love the kick out the jams Guitar Wolf meets The Melvins rock that follows the first track. I may not love PFM for their daily reviews but when they pick a must have release, they are almost always right.

5. I have listened to the first track "Farewell" at least 8 times since I got this cd in the mail yesterday.

6. Not to say Boris should replace your Dungen cd but do me a favor and put this Boris cd on top of it.

7. If Brandon Stosuy keeps his PFM review accuracy up he might become my favorite Pitchfork writer yet.