Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Film School Emergency

This is a repost from MySpace:
Please pass this info on.....feel free to cut and paste.


Sorry for the multiple bulletins, but we're just about ready lose our minds.

To recap, our van was stolen this morning around 8am from the Comfort Inn on Delaware Ave in Philadelphia. It was a white, 2003 Ford E-350, California license plates. ALL of our gear was taken. Here's a list of what's missing:

-1966 Ludwig drum kit, blue sparkle
-23" Paiste ride cymbal
-1976 Fender P-bass, no finish, beat down, Bartolini pick-up
-1993 Gibson SG, black
-1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe, cream, with marble pickguard, humbuckers
-Fender Twin Reverb amp, 70's silverface, master volume
-Fender Deville guitar amp
-early 70's Ampeg SVT bass head with 2 massive metal handles on the sides
-Ampeg SVT 410HLF bass cabinet
-Peavey keyboard amp
-3 boxes of effects: 2 Line 6 delay pedals, Memory Man Deluxe, Big Muff, SansAmp
-Bass DI, Rat, MXR distortion, Cry Baby wah, 2 Boss EQ pedals, Boss Digital Delay, 2 Boss Tuners. These were in 3 different suitcases.
-Kurzweil K2000 keyboard
-Boss Dr. Sample

If anyone in the Philadelphia area has any info where this stuff might surface we'd really appreciate it. Or, if you find our van or our gear we can pay you handsome reward. Seriously.

As for the rest of the tour, here's what's happening:
Wed-DC - cancelled (Tonight)
Thur-Providence - cancelled
Friday-Wellesely College - cancelled
Sat-Mercury Lounge - still on
Sun-Mercury Lounge - still onMonday-
Memphis - ???all SXSW shows are still on.

If anything changes or the equipment fairy makes a special delivery I'll post a bulletin here to let everyone know. Thanks to everyone who wrote to us. It really means a lot. Thanks again.

Film School