Monday, March 13, 2006

Tuning Fork BDAY posts continue : Christian Patterson

Memphis, TN, April 2004 (Graceland Monkeys)
Memphis, TN, February 2005 (Lamplighter Jukebox)
Memphis, TN, January 2005 (Nick's Flyers)

All images are by Christian Patterson and using them without his permission will cause you an ugly and untimely death.

I will spare you a long speech and let these pictures speak for themselves but I should tell you that Christian Patterson is my favorite modern day photographer. Not only does he do color like no other, he is a human jukebox of American pop/rock classics and has damn fine taste in that new music stuff we here at Tuning Fork like so much.

Thank you CCP for allowing me to share these photos with the class and just cause I am such a fan there will be three more images next week!