Friday, March 03, 2006

Tuning Fork BDAY posts continue

I have no idea how to post things properly so I am not exactly certain what order these three images will appear. I will say that they all have one thing in common, I did not take them nor do I know who did.

The first image is of Engine Kid in the early 90's and I scored this when I was working for their label pre Revelation Records. If you don't know who Engine Kid is they were a Seattle band post Brotherhood (straight edge band) and pre Thorrs Hammer/Goatsnake/Sunno))). They sounded a lot like Slint or Bitch Magnet until Greggy discovered jazz and non XXX true till death lifestyle. The Kramer looking guy on the left is the man behind Southern Lord and about 1/3 of the roster Greg Anderson.

The second image is of Silkworm (Joel is smoking and Andy is at the mic) and their original line up in the early to mid 90's offered me some of the best shows of my life. It also isn't very often I can say the people who form a band are of equal greatness to the music they produce but Silkwork helped make Seattle a place I was proud to call home. Once a week members of Silkwork, Engine Kid, Jessamine, and C/Z Records people (me+2) would get together and watch the Fox line up which included Melose Place. No really. We ate Skittles, drank fancy beer and talked about music. Those were the days. I am still in total denial that Silkworm's drummer Michael Dalquist was killed in a car accident last year. Not that all loss of life isn't a tragedy but thinking of the Silkworm family minus one person is a crime onto itself.

The third and final image is of Slant 6, one of my favorite bands of all time. I wish I could tell you more about this picture, I don't have any cute stories about them other than they sucked live the few times I saw them and how that broke my heart. This photo was gift from somebody while I was in my old band and I suck for forgetting who was kind enough to pass it along to me. I swear,I don't do drugs, I don't really drink that much, I just have a spotty memory.