Thursday, March 23, 2006

During my time of need

My ears are unusually sensitive when I am sick so just about every cd I played this week has made me wince and or regret hitting the play button in first place. My zombie flu listening palate is particular and picky but these following cds have managed to not only remain on my good side but offer a Calgon take me away moment of audio bliss.

Dub Tractor – Hideout – Towerblock – Import cd out now
This is a nice mixture of shoegaze and dub.

Spank Rock – Yoyoyoyoyo – Big Dada – out 4/18
Baltimore is the new dirty South.

Rahim – Ideal Lives – Frenchkiss – out 4/4
The jury is still out on this cd. I LOVED the EP and while this cd is good it doesn’t wow me like the first release. I am hoping this will grow on me because I love a good DC (jawbox/ q and not u) knock off band.

Roger Sisters – The Invisible Deck – Too Pure – out now
I didn’t love the cd but when I saw them open for Cloud Room in DC I changed my mind. There is something obtusely Cramp-ish about this band and their guitar tones are to die for.

MF Doom – Special Herbs Box Set – Nature Sounds – limited edition now out of print
Why Pitchfork didn’t review this is beyond me, it is a total must have for MF Doom fans.

Envelopes – Demon – Brille – out 4/4
A similar charm to early television personalities and maybe a touch of the Vaselines, it is one of the surprise hit cds of the year for me. Surprise meaning I knew nothing about the band at all so I had zero expectations for this record.

Bridget St. John – reissue series on Cherry Red – Import – Out now
I am not sure I will ever need to listen to another Beth Orton cd again; these early 1970’s folk reissues are brilliant.

Takagi Masakatsu – Journal for People cd/dvd – Car Park – out 4/4
I didn’t know there could be a form or relaxing glitch but this Japanese composer and visual artist chops up soundscapes in quite a peaceful and devastatingly beautiful manner.

The Like Young – Last Secrets – Polyvinyl – out 5/9
I heart a good energetic pop duo. (insert your white stripes / mates of state comments here)

Human Television – Look At Who You’re Talking To – Gigantic – out 5/2
They remind me of an early 80's Brit pop bands (YAY!) though I am certain they will be called a third rate Interpol in some circles.

Figurines – Skeleton – Morningside records – out now
Why didn’t Pitchfork review this amazing cd yet? Modest Mouse minus the PBR and a fondness for Tom Waits.

Kokanko Sata – S/T – Honest Jons – out now
Pretty much anything on Honest Jons is worth a listen. Kokanko Sata from Mali is the ONLY woman in the world to play the African hunter’s harp and I am grateful that there is technology to record and share such a unique and foreign gift with the rest of the planet.

Va – The Celluloid Years – Collision – out now
Other Music puts it nicely “If you're a fan of NYC's Wild Style/Warriors/Style Wars-era, you need this. Classic outsider beats and grooves finally get a fresh look.”