Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's not just us, really!

this sort of fancypants, look-at-me analysis has nothing to do with good art or good rock ‘n roll.

Every so often, someone else says something that sounds like it should have come out of my own mouth. For me, it's often my fellow Tuningforkistas, but 37 Signals has a great article on "fancypants analysis" and guess who they focus on?

You didn't have to think too hard about that, I hope.

37 signals is a web design firm in Chicago; I check their blog from time to time as a part of my paying gig. Their hallmark is keeping things simple - writing included. In keeping with that philosophy, the article is direct and to the point: if you can't making something clearer about a piece of art, then don't write about it. Academic purple prose is no better than corporate gobbledygook.

Or as they put it-

If you’re not making things clearer, stop typing.