Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Now?

I like to talk about music, not the people who write about music but due to popular demand I guess I am going to pass this story along. This is already all over the web so instead of me shit talking a dude I don’t know and whose situation I cannot pretend to understand, here are some links about The Village Voice’s senior associate editor Nick Sylvester being suspended from the staff.

Oh yeah, he is the same Nick Sylvester who writes for Pitchforkmedia.,news,72372,2.html

In short it turns out a feature piece Nick wrote for The Voice included fabricated material and he got busted. End of story...and maybe the end of Nick's writing carreer.

I am sure there is all sorts of talk about this subject on line but you won’t find it here. I am not a gossip columnist nor do I want this blog to be about the life of PFM writers outside of their work for PFM. Humans do stupid fucked up shit every day and while I am disappointed to hear this news about N.S. I am more bummed that the Artic Monkeys are popular and that I have to watch Comedy Central to get world news I trust.