Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two days with The New Pornographers.

There are a couple of reasons I won't be reviewing either of the DC Belle & Sebastian / New Pornographer shows. I know I said I would but a girl can change her mind.

1) Describing my mini vacation has a weird Dear Diary self important vibe.

2) The numbers of bloggers writing about this tour is massive so why add to the volume.

3) FYI bloggers, I know this is some common sense shit but the things you write can be viewed by the bands. Trust me it was like a sea of laptops backstage and between their performances there is a stupid amount of down time. It's an interesting exchange, you watch and judge them and they can do the same to you as you write up their shows...creepy stalkers types, the insult slinging band hating folks, an incredible number of those who don't know band member names or song titles or their history but blab on about them regardless, and my favorite...the bloggers who make up stories (flat out lies) about interacting with the bands at these shows to sound cool for the 10 people who read their site.

4) I didn't actually watch Belle & Sebastian either night. We had Oscars to watch, drum lessons in the alley to stumble through, birthday cake to eat, chili hot dogs to make a mecca journey towards, and the inevitable 2 hour drive back home for me. Okay and I am not a Belle & Sebastian fan; maybe I should have said that first.

5) Vast amounts of Jameson always seems like a good idea at the time but my body will tell you otherwise and my memory gets foggy after the 5th or 6th glass.

6) There is a matter of privacy that matters deeply to me. I don't like exploiting the bands I am friendly with in hopes of impressing our readers with an inside scoop. There is a point where friendship wins over creating a post filled with fabulous behind the scenes gossip.

I have however attached a few photos to further prove the band to be powered by Apple and the color orange. (Fake Pop Tarts, Jameson, and movies on DVD are the runners up)

Thank you Magic P and the gang for creating 1000 moments more special than the shows themselves.