Friday, March 31, 2006

Tuning Fork BDAY posts continue

I think I mentioned early on in the month that I used to have pen pals who worked at Sub Pop Records and lived in Seattle during the very early 90's. Besides sending me press photos and other silly trinkets like press kits I was sent many a letter writter on a band poster or flyer which at the time was the main way bands promoted shows all over the city. They would blanket telephone poles and sides of buildings up and down every major street so on your walk to work or buy coffee you would see flyers like the one above. My scanner isn't big enough to show the poster in full but at least you can see the bands listed. The only thing you are really missing out on otherwise is an autograph by King Buzzo, some gentlemen in suits and the location of the show.

The letter written on the back of this flyer goes on to explain that Bruce and Jon (Sub Pop owners) had just signed a few new bands: Afghan Whigs, Rein Sanction, and Rev. Horton Heat and that the Whigs and L7 are playing that New Years Eve. He goes on to tell me about the Ice Cube / Too Short show later that week and how he needs to get his ticket to see Janes Addiction and The Pixes before which he isn't certain but expects to sell out. Ohhh the early 90's.

It only seems right to end this as the letter to me does,
Stay rad,
Pitch Perfect