Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Tuning Fork!

We are officially and exactly one year old today and to celebrate Tuning Fork will have guest writers posting during the entire month of March. The feedback over the past 12 months has been down right positive and inspiring so this is our little way of saying thank you.

To add to the fun I will posting music related photos I have taken over the span of 15 years, ancient press shots for some quality bands, and old flyers I have collected over the time. Fear not we will continue to post reviews of PFM reviews too but to kick things off here is a special treat for those who have read the site for a while and know just how sci-fi “special” we can be. I had posted in the comments section a story about my mom making dress as a Jawa to revolt against all the girls who would want to be Princess Leah for Halloween the year Star Wars came out. Who is the number one Sunno))) fan? Totally me. I am so fucking DIY awesome that I was Sunno))) before Sunno))) was. Take that indie community.

I hated her at the time for this (heck yeah I wanted to be a princess) but I’d like to thank my Mom for teaching me from an early age to steer clear of the herd mentality. Secondly to my friends who post each week witout being paid, I salute you. We love music and hopefully it shows. Oh, and we love movies about space and robots and stuff.

So here you go, a picture of me Pitch Perfect.

With love,
The Tuning Fork family