Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Super Furry Animals / Love Kraft / Rating 8.5

I understand about 70% of this PFM review

This is a quote taken from the promotional cd’s back cover ”Love Kraft might just turn out to be the definitive Super Furry Animals album. It’s certainly the loveliest and without a doubt the one that feels most like a cohesive body of work.”

Lover number 1
“SFA have made their best album yet.”

Lover number 2
"Super Furry Animals have made their most mature, cohesive album so far, and are back on a roll with no signs of letting up."

Lover number 3
"In the end we're left with little doubt that Love Kraft is the greatest realisation of the Super Furry vision to date, smiting anxieties with genuinely beautiful ideas enacted mostly through strings rather than the synths of old."

Lover number 4
"Undoubtedly the greatest achievement of ‘Love Kraft’ is the Furries ability to weave O’Lagan’s strings within their own highly stylised very technique - an achievement that's helped to create a mature, more organic album that proves the Furries are able to move away from their comfort zone into even deeper waters."

When words like “definitive”, “best album yet” and “most cohesive album so far” are being batted about, clearly people love this new Super Furry Animals cd as if it was their first born. Every message board related to this record is an orgy of compliments so here I am wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

I swear to you, girl scout honor, that I have played “Love Kraft” at least 20 times over the past week and I still don’t love it. I barely like it. I’ve taken it on road trips to the beach. We have gone on long walks for coffee together in my headphones and its even playing in my stereo as I type this. I can appreciate all the references dropped in these glowing reviews, the Beach Boys, The High Llamas, and so on but all I really I hear Primal Scream over-orchestrating Bevis Frond. (and I love me some Bevis Frond)

SFA’s 12 new tracks are pleasant enough but my favorite thing about this band remains: their partnership with the artist Pete Fowler.

The first person to leave a comment on my post saying they want my copy of "Love Kraft" can have it. After you leave your comment and if you are indeed the first person to leave one on the subject, please email me your address at and the cd is all yours.

According to the rest of the world, you are so gonna love it.