Monday, August 29, 2005

Kanye West

Kanye West’s new CD is garnishing critical acclaim usually reserved for things that save lives, restore peace in wore torn countries, and explain this highly frustrating experiment we call human existence. And for my money the CD’s not all that great. Sure there are moments of highly enjoyable music, and maybe even a flash of brilliance here and there, but most of the CD is overloaded with mediocre to sub-par rhymes disguised by Mr. West’s flashy production. And so what if he brought Jon Brion on board to help him produce? Is this something anyone should care about? What did this guy do? Fiona Apple? Furthermore, why should I be impressed that Kanye is self-conscious about his fame? Is this really such a revolutionary idea? Anytime a rapper participates in anything resembling self examination Pitchfork loses their minds and shouts his/her praises from every rooftop in Chicago. I mean, Jesus Christ, a black man is examining the glaring deficiencies of rap culture. Who cares if he can’t rap? He’s thinking! A black man!

Oh yeah, and George Bush hates Pitchfork.