Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Björk / Drawing Restraint 9 (OST) / Rating 7.0

Boo Hiss : PFM "review" is here

“Björk's music for Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9-- in which the singer also stars-- is her second foray into film music (after 2000's Selmasongs)” PFM

The above statement is partially correct. "Foray into film music” is little vague but if we are talking 100% scored a film then yes, the above information is correct.

Otherwise Björk's music has appeared in numerous movies (see full list here) plus she collaborated with David Arnold / Jah Wobble for the film "Young Americans" with a track called "Play Dead". "Army of Me" was also considered the lead single to the movie Tank Girl ( tho not written specifically for the movie) and while the soundtrack for the Icelandic movie 'Nytt Lif' was never released, Björk also does have a few songs featured in the film itself.

I can get even more nerdy here: she co-wrote the theme to the movie SODOMA REYKJAVIK and to be really specific, The Sugarcubes of which Björk is / was a member scored a film called SKYTTURMAR in 1987. ( To be scary technical The Sugarcubes have never officially broken up the band)

“I've long held a bias against soundtracks. Not for their use, mind you: a good soundtrack can make a movie better than its sum of train explosions, drug deals and awkward romances. However, taken on their own terms, soundtracks tend to reek of passive-aggression. I can imagine how tough it was to score music that complimented, yet never overwhelmed, a film, but my attention span usually demands more than music that just suggests emotion. Not that original scores are all bad-- I have soft spots for Danny Elfman, Bernard Herrmann and Nino Rota” PFM

How about Ennio Morricone? Rudy Ray Moore and the Soul Rebellion Orchestra? John Barry? Serge Gainsbourg? Angelo Badalamenti? John Williams? Galt MacDermot? Bobby Womack & J.J. Johnson? Gert Wilden & Orchestra? Peter Thomas Sound Orchester? Berry Lipman & Orchestra? Goblin? Wendy Carlos? John Carpenter? Lalo Schifrin? Fucking hell this list could go on and on. HOW COULD YOU IGNORE THE TALENT FOUND ON THIS LIST OF COMPOSERS??? SHAME ON YOU!!!

I am so utterly disappointed in Dominique Leone's comment. If this doesn’t show a lack of knowledge about music, I don’t know what does. I haven’t even heard a copy of this soundtrack yet but it doesn’t matter. After reading this naïve take on film scores I wouldn’t dream of taking anything this reviewer has to say seriously…no less about an artist I probably know waaaay too much information about. 7.0 is actually PFM's IQ score when it comes to sountrack history.