Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Indie rock's obsession with the clap

No not the sexually transmitted disease silly, the actual act of clapping. Hand claps are showing up on just about every new record I buy and now I am determined to make a list of as many indie rock hand clap songs (also if the word clap is in the title) as I ( with the help of you) can think of. A good portion of these will end up in my DJ set tonight.

So far :

Wolf Parade "Fancy clap" " You are A Runner" / Arcade Fire " Neighborhood #3" /Architecture In Helsinki "It'5" and "Do the Whirlwind" / Magic Numbers "Long Legs" "Love Me Like You" / The Legends "Call it Ours""Right On" "Nothing to be Done" ... most of their songs! / Beta Band " Dry the Rain" " Broke" "Easy" "Wonderful" " Simple" and God knows how many more /The Delays " Long Time Coming" Phoenix "Run Run Run" /Ponys " I'm with You" / Spoon " Sister Jack" "Back to the Life" "Merchants Of Soul" / The Most Serene Republic "Content was always my Favorite Colour" " Proposition 61" / S Magic Magicians "Cascade Express" / Fugazi " Public Witness Syndrome" / The Ghost "MewithoutYou's / am/fm "A Best Man" / The Rapture "Echoes" / Pilot to Gunner "Barrio Superstarrio" / Shins " Kissing the Lipless" / Concretes "You Can't Hurry Love" / Annie "Chewing Gum" / Pinback "Fortress" / Go! Team "Huddle Formation" / Black Mountain " No Hits" / Q and Not U " No Damage Nocturne" / Mary Timony " I Fire Myself"