Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Electronicat / Voodoo Man / Rating 5.1

PFM review of Electronicat

Gosh darn it, I just can't win. I try to hold onto every advance cd I am sent as well as every record I buy (even if I don't like it) for at least a month (or more) just in case it gets a PFM review. In theory this means I am armed to follow up with a companion piece / critique to their artistic works of wonder.

Voila: Tuningforkmedia was born.

The number of cds I receive daily is staggering so as you can imagine. It is a daunting task to sort through them all to say the least, no less genuinely try to give each one a focused and respectable amount of attention. Thank goodness PFM reviews only 5 a day or I would never be able to properly fact check and or play devil’s advocate to the opinions they publish. Anyhow, I eventually succumb to the shrinking space in my apartment and with often no regret, I pass along the no-keepers to friends, local record store folks, or the indie radio station down the street. (Remember folks: it is a crime to sell promotional materials and you will go to indie rock hell for cashing in a cd from a small label that can hardly afford to give it away in the first place!)

Electronicat’s Voodoo Man was released back on May 31st and to be totally frank it was terrible in all the ways PFM describes… so in the yuck pile it went. The promo was sent to me back in April and this disappointing waste of space has sat around just waiting to be set free ever since. By the end of July I gave up. Electronicat was set out to pasture. Almost three months after its original street date, now PFM decides to review it. Hmph! I thought the beauty of computers and the Internet was the immediacy of it all. For instance John Loder passes away, his family posts the information on a blog and in a matter of a day people from around the world grieving over the passing of their friend could reach out to others who are feeling this terrible loss and share it all in the same place as if in a room mourning together. This is the beauty behind technology and the positive power of this tool.

Call me spoiled but I have grown to expect a level of Godspeed in this new day and age of bloggers and websites who are capable of passing along up to the minute information. What can I say, I hated the Electronicat cd over four months ago and I can only wait for so long before I turn it over to a new owner who will perhaps love it better than I ever could. I don’t get it. PFM has a mega staff of people to churn out reviews and yes, I know the world is filled with too many records and too little time but I draw the line at a quarter of a year after the fact. *

*Tuningfork at this point is just me (pitchperfect) and if I am a month or so behind its usually because A) I am just one person damn it!!! B) I often can’t afford all the records I would like to review C) I am not given a bevy of promotional material for free like PFM is, so tracking down music from other sources (thank you kind friends) sometimes takes a few weeks to a month.

Let’s review: PFM = large staff / TFM= one little lady

All I can say I am trying my best. (Typos and all.)