Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cursive / The Difference between Houses and Homes / Rating 6.3

Stating the obvious

I realized something after watching the Saddle Creek DVD, I really don’t like the bulk of the music they put out. I respect the community aspect of their label, the support system among friends, but as an outsider I walk away really loving just two bands: The Faint and Cursive.

Confessing my admiration for these bands might create a bit of a bias when listening to this Cursive collection but then I realized something else. My love for Cursive stems from the fact that their early material reminds me of Archers of Loaf (even hints of Pavement for that matter) at their most unbridled. During their prime years (Icky Mettle) Archers took the classic Chapel Hill mid 90’s sound and spun into a crashing chaos that early Dischord followers could embrace. (Get it, Embrace? Hahaha)

The longer “The Difference between Houses and Homes” plays in my stereo the more I can’t believe I didn’t make this Archers of Loaf connection sooner. At this cd’s weakest moments (think sour At The Drive-In), Cursive’s worst songs are still 10x better than most of the eyeliner wearing next generation emo/hardcore playing a Warp tour stage near you or filling the pages of any recent Alternative Press issue. I am typically weary of any band’s loose ends collected in what is hyped as a legit release but with tracks like “ Dispenser” and “ A Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things” I can say I am glad to have all these tracks in one place and ready to be set on repeat.

PFM’s review brings up an obvious point, this record is not the band at their best and in turn should not be the first cd a new fan or curious listener should start with. Duh. I don’t think any band’s rarities comp should ever be the first or even middle place to start. This particular kind of cd is meant for fans who already have everything else (or close to it) and will appreciate the audio blueprint of the home Cursive’s sound resides in 2005.