Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some relief for Pitchperfect

In an effort to make sure Pitchperfect isnt the only one who maintains a presence on this site i thought i might make a post. Not a review of a review, but a review of a trip.
I recently drove from los angeles to Denver. Before hand my fiance and i loaded up her i-pod with an obscene amount of music and headed on our way, with no backup musical plan. I dont know if i was born stupid, or have slowly become this way over the years, but heading towards 16 hours of driving with no backup musical plan in case the i-pod failed was a grave miscalculation. Not only did the i-pod fail to keep a charge, but when it did maintain its power(after being re-charged in Ottp's roadside diner, try the homestyle chicken) it blew out my speakers. There is nothing better than being a music lover forced to listen to your favorite songs as they are torn apart by hisses and scratches. The sound was slightly more tolerable when cds were playing but of course i brought none. I did end up purchasing 5 cds at Twist and Shout but that did not suffice. My choices were king of lacking (You cant really listen to "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" 5 times in a row without wanting some verse, chorus, verse). And let me tell you, AM radio in Utah is something i never want to experience again. I suppose it all gave me a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the west in its original untouched silence. But seriously, fuck that. I want to gaze upon the rocky mountains while blasting Lighting Bolt.