Monday, August 15, 2005

Sons and Daughters / the Repulsion Box / Rating 7.5

Three quotes from the PFM review :

“As it turns out, the album's brief running time is something of a saving grace, as the band's relentless approach-- even the quiet songs ride fast, insistent beats-- is a bit numbing over the course of a whole LP.”

“Even with the band's relatively monochromatic range, there are a few standout tracks.”

"The record's arid, unadorned sound…does have its occasional drawbacks, one being that in some of her more outlandish moments of rage, Bethel's vocals stand out a little too strongly, such as her shrill screams on the chorus of "Gone" and some of her more emphatic shouts on "Red Receiver".

Does this sound like a record that should have been given a 7.5 rating? I know lot’s of people have stopped reading the actual PFM reviews and just pay attention to the rating so maybe that will work in Sons and Daughters favor…at least in the case of this particular review. I hate to keep asking this but why did this record get a positive rating when the review itself is relatively negative???

This band never does it for me on record but live they are an entirely different animal, an electrically charged and roughish beast to be more specific. Lucky for you they are touring with both the Decemberists and Franz Ferdinand and Bright Eyes so there will be plenty of chances to check them out for yourself.

Live they are a 9, on record closer to a 5.5.

Go see them live and if you love them, take home their records as a souvenir.