Friday, August 05, 2005

Editors / The Back Room / Rating 6.0

A mere two days ago the DJ who spins before me sprinkled his set with not one but three cuts by Editors. I knew nothing of the band or the label Kitchenware to be honest but it was interesting to see/hear a relatively jaded indie rocker be really excited about a new band.( in all fairness, new to me) I wrote down the artist info to look up later (which I am just getting to now) and viola, Pitchfork happens to run a review.

Personally the last thing I want to hear at this point is another new band paying tribute to ________ (name your favorite 80’s band here) but people seem to keep buying Bloc Party records and the like so what do I know. All of the band names dropped in the PFM review are what every review of this band reads like: REM, Interpol, U2, Joy Division, The Walkmen and Echo and the Bunnymen, but what’s interesting is most of the other reviews LOVE Editors and consider them an improvement over dare I say, Interpol.(fear not: Editors lyrics are equally as mediocre and they may not wear suits but they do sport the classic all black look) Fans of this band all agree that “The Back Room” occupies an audio space more on par with mature songwriting of Elbow and Coldplay than just another new young band from England recreating the now over-abused Factory Records sound but none of this excites me. I have lost my patience for this genre completely and while bands like Maximo Park have managed to sneak in under the rug, it’s going to take a miracle to sell me on this sound again.

I would give this band a high-five out of ten fingers but the press beyond PFM leans more towards an 8.

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The Kitchenware Records site: (I know this is an indie label but check out their other bands and you tell me if you aren’t a little scared of the Spice Girls looking “band” called Sirens.)

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