Friday, December 02, 2005

White Stripes / Daily Show / 11/01/05

From the years 1993 to 1995 Jon Stewart had a little talk show on MTV in the middle of the night called “The John Stewart Show”. I don’t remember too much about it other than laughing until my sides hurt while watching it but tuning it in mostly because he kept having great underground (at the time) bands play on his show. My memory is spotty but I recall at least one Henry Rollins performance, The Bosstones, Guided by Voices, D-Generation / Blondie, Mike Watt, Eddie Vedder, Pat Smear, and Dave Grohl, performed"Big Train" and "The Red And The Black”, Dino Jr. Marilyn Manson, Frank Black, and Sunny Day Real Estate not once but twice (though I can’t find anything on line to confirm this) just because Jon really liked them...or so the rumor goes. I have no idea if MTV or Jon picked the bands that played on his show but it lead kids like me to believe this funny Jewish guy had pretty darn good taste in music. Funny show + amazing music = cancelled. Typical.

In 2002 when asked who his favorite band was he stated Buffalo Tom. Remember them? (Their record Birdbrain was a favorite of mine back in 1990)

There isn’t very much information out there outing Jon for his seemingly alternative taste in music over the years but the above history softens the shocker of having the first band to ever play on the Daily Show be the White Stripes.

The White Stripes were interviewed ever so briefly but one of the few subjects discussed was why the band was playing on the show. Neither Meg, Jack, or Jon seemed to have some secret marketing weapon under their sleeve it more or less appeared to be an innocent meeting of mutual admirers. Amen.

Some general notes on the appearance:

*The performed two songs: “The Denial Twist” and “My Doorbell”

*Even Jack’s mic carried the red and black White Stripes color conformity tradition making it look like a cross between a dog penis and clown nose.

*When was the last time Jack saw the sun? That poor man needs a little time outdoors and perhaps time to reconsider that pencil moustache. He is just asking to be John Water’s bloated sidekick.

*Why does Jack’s piano have a mirror where a sheet music rack would normally be. Maybe to look at Meg? Maybe to remind him he isn’t a vampire? Does the looking glass collaborate with the two unlit light bulbs (also on the piano) on those long drives between shows in the cargo van?

*Their actual performance was fine and dandy; they have officially morphed into cartoon characters of themselves. Does anyone else wonder what they might look like in say green, blue or yellow?

*Also why does a fake news talk show has better sound for a live band performance than say Saturday Night Live?

If somebody knows a creepy publicity story behind this fine choice for first band on The Daily Show please don’t tell me. I can’t really explain why but I want to believe Jon Stewart really does have great taste in music and that Jack and Meg still have a sense of humor. Fame doesn’t have to suck the soul out of its victims and tonight was a pleasant reminder of just that.