Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Hello all,

It's hard not to be weary of New Years Eve. As a friend reminded me last night they have often been filled with moments on the L with one girl puking on side of the car with another girl sobbing at the other while people inbetween eat greasy pizza to help sober up.

There were the screaming matches with now ex boyfriends over God knows what mixed with cheap champagne and whiskey.

There were Y2k scares, a dead stop traffic jam below the space needle in Seattle, and a long walk on the wrong side of Boston... so we could hear fireworks and midnight howls but could see absolutely nothing.

They each had their charm but it was the kind of sad charm like an Elliott Smith or a Wedding Present song.

Tonight I am DJing into the wee hours of the night and while there will be the traditional party songs included it only seems right I also represent the little bit of the Arab Strap and Country Teaser inside us all.

May your evening be more bubbles than bitter.

Happy 2006,