Monday, December 19, 2005

Ottobar / Baltimore, Md. / December 17th 2005

Evening two was at the Ottobar in Baltimore 12/17/05. Somehow this time I got stuck behind the merch table for most of the night so I can't tell you much about the show itself but here are a few highlights.

* Opening band Nachtmystium built their own larger than life inverted crosses wrapped in barbed wire during sound check.

* Note to bands who would like to use this stage prop. Venue sound guys do not appreciate working around massive pointy objects during a sound check so place all over-sized evil items on stage last minute.

* Ottobar bartenders do not like working in dense fog.

* Merch tables are where half finished drinks go to die.

*Nobody looks good in fake leather pants.

* Ian MacKaye was in attendance but my guess is he was there in support of opening band Hidden Hand. It was too smoky to tell if he stayed for all of Sunno))) set.

* Sunno))) makes more money in merch in one night than I do in a month working a fulltime job.

* The most popular merch item is the Sunno))) logo pin.

* The largest rats I have ever seen hang out behind the Ottobar parking lot.

* Calling all boys : Do not mix and match a mullet with short Betty Page bangs. I have seen this experiment first hand in Baltimore and it is bad bad bad.

* It takes about an hour with high powered fans (the electrical kind, not the people kind) to clear a room of smoke as thick as stew.

* Greg and Stephen are not afraid to mix and match their drinks. Don't be shy, buy them wine, jager, and long island ice teas.

* When seeing a Sunno))) show DO NOT FORGET EAR PLUGS!!!!