Monday, December 05, 2005

Various Artists / DFA Holiday Mix 2005 / Rating 7.5

For the sensible types who don't fuck with remixes, the DFA's Holiday Mix 2005 collects, sequences, and beatmatches the better ones that the New York-based label commissioned for three of its primary artists: savant-noise trio the Black Dice, drizzly electro-funker the Juan Maclean, and dancerock flagship act LCD Soundsystem.

The winter does terrible things to my brain. Once the heat kicks on in my apartment the dust from the radiators attack my body and severe allergies rage a war against the basic process I once called thinking. I lose like 40 IQ points this time of year because of it but needless to say after reading this PFM review 10 times over, I still don't think Nick mentions that DFA Holiday MIx 2005 is not available on cd or lp. (in the USA)

According to the Astralwerks website this is a digital only release ... out now for a limited time...48 minutes of music for only 99 cents from your favorite Digital Service Provider.

***THIS JUST IN : A nice person in the comment section has let me know this is available on cd as an import.