Saturday, December 03, 2005

Various Artists / Music From The O.C. Mix 5 / Rating: 3.5

PFM says: “The music on these mixes has always been pleasant, dull, and safe, the kind of stuff that wouldn't cause too much stress on parents.”

“all contribute lukewarm tracks to this latest compilation.”

“Somebody's having a lot of fun with this, but it probably won't be the listener. I can't imagine the songs on Mix 5 soundtracking any teenager's life, indie nerd or not; this stuff is better suited to mid-life-crisis sufferers who rely on adult-alternative radio to tell them what's hip. But then again, what middle-aged person would buy a CD designed to look like a high school yearbook, complete with sappy inscriptions and photos of lockers?”

Out of curiousity I looked up the 12 bands found on this OC collection and found that Pitchfork has reviewed 11 of the artists and not one band was given a total slap in the face you suck review.

In yet another ageist slur the website that not only reviews all of these artists but likes them well enough on their own...apparently doesn’t support their singles collected in the name of a television show; a teen show I might add that the PFM reviewer seemed to be a little too familiar with.

Kasabian: Kasabian[BMG/RCA; 2004] Rating: 5.2 - Review by: Johnny Loftus

The Shout Out Louds: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff[Bud Fox; 2003] Rating: 6.9 - Review by: Chris Ott

LCD Soundsystem: LCD Soundsystem[DFA; 2005] Rating: 8.2 - Review by: Dominique Leone

Rogue Wave: Out of the Shadow[Sub Pop; 2004] Rating: 7.8 - Review by: Brian Howe

Youth Group: Skeleton Jar[Epitaph; 2005] Rating: 5.1 - Review by: Jason Crock

Of Montreal: The Sunlandic Twins[Polyvinyl; 2005] Rating: 6.4 - Review by: Sam Ubl

Gorillaz: Demon Days[Virgin; 2005] Rating: 6.9 - Review by: Rob Mitchum

Kaiser Chiefs: Employment[Universal; 2005] Rating: 6.7 - Review by: Joe Tangari

Stars: Set Yourself on Fire[Arts & Crafts; 2004] Rating: 8.4 - Review by: Sam Ubl

Phantom Planet: Phantom Planet[Sony; 2004] Rating: 7.3 - Review by: William Morris

Imogen Heap: Speak for Yourself[RCA; 2005] Rating: 6.4 - Review by: David Raposa

No PFM reader expects an OC comp to win the praises of any reviewer on the site but I can’t help but notice their support for these bands when the troubled pretty rich kid drama isn’t a part of “the mix”.

Realistically speaking it is easy to assume many a music director in Hollywood looking to capture the hip sounds of now for the youth of today are Pitchfork readers cherry picking bands from the site.

I don’t know if I should curse or thank PFM for that. Over exposure can = sell out but it can also mean our favorite bands get to make a living from their art. If the final passage of this cycle guarantees a poor rating by PFM with a major label soundtrack release, so be it.

It may be a little predictable but that’s fine by me, I hate surprises.