Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cave In / Nanci Raygun, Richmond, Va. / Dec. 20th 2005

Photo of Caleb taken during the Cave In set by drummer Ben

I don't have much to say about a show where the evening ends with three drunk fans verbally attacking the members of Cave In after their mostly hardcore set for not being hard enough and not including their favorite song. (I know it sounds gay just repeating it) These very same “fans” literally carried out their grudge when they decided to toss a brick through the Cave In van windshield and piss on the doors. Awesome. Way to host a band who just drove a 10 hour drive all night from another city to play for this city.

The rest of the evening included three bands worth of boys and their local friends tracking down the inebriated vandals at another bar and in case you were wondering, a form hardcore community justice has been served.

We ( Cave In + me) have a busy day ahead of us. Coffee to get. A new giant hunk a glass for the van. (note to all bands: make sure you have insurance) Some sort of lunchy thing. And then the boys need to get to Baltimore to do this rock thing all over again. I just hope the Charm City kids know how to host a band a little better than this damn town.

Oh yeah….and as for the Doomriders who also played last night. Funny how a side project band of Nate from Converge can sound a lot like Converge only executed with flying V guitars and a hard-on for Thin Lizzy (minus the hooks). Imagine phallic stringed instruments held erect from their crotches and stroked madly for 45 minutes. Then picture two dudes with no shirts (taken off before the show even started) and there you have the Doomriders.
Boys LOVING this band I liken to ass tapping play during male sporting events.

I know I said after the Converge show this would be the end of my pit reports so damn me for having friends in bands who play music to crack skulls to.