Friday, December 02, 2005

As Mercenárias / The Beginning of the End of the World / Rating: 7.8

PFM says: "The Beginning of the End of the World, the first full-length released in the U.S., collects the Mercenárias' 1986 debut, Cadê As Armas?, and half of the tracks from 1988's Trashland. "


"The timing of the release is also suspect. The Mercenárias, now grayed and reunited after a 16-year hiatus, have been strutting through Brazil's TV studios in loopy leopard-skin outfits. Considering the States' propensity for Pan-American punk, I doubt we'll hear much about their impending tour and album. For now-- and until the Baltic no-wave market takes off-- this is yet another admirably warped reflection of the North's most endearingly snobbish genre."

Dear Pitchfork,

Please take note the record label Soul Jazz is not American. They are in fact based out of England. The UK at the end of their web address reflects their over seas location as well.

This in turn makes the As Mercenárias release an import and the above PFM quotes false and misleading.

Thank You,