Friday, December 23, 2005

One for the road

As I head off for the holidays, I thought I would share my favorite memory of this year with you all. I had a few encounters with Musicians this year, but by far my favorite was seeing Scott Stapp at Sharky's.

For those who are not familiar with Sharky's it is a Mexican fast food restaurant. I had stopped in to fill my hunger, and had just finished my order when who should walk in but the handsome and robust former singer from Creed, Scott Stapp. I stepped back, but instead of finding a table i hung around to see what he would get. Already i was excited to discover that he shared my love of Baja cuisine. Would he be a man's man and get the Steak burrito, or show his sensitive side and get a grilled mahi taco? I literally shook with anticipation.

"Uh, yeah, can i get a Sharky's steak burrito with black beans."

YES! That is what i got! I was giddy. The same likes and dislikes were shared by us. It was as if after a long search i had found my soul mate. I gazed upon him with love.

And then it happened. Possibly the most devastating moment of my life.

"Hot or mild," the cashier asked.


It echoed in my brain. Mild...mild....mild. Why did he have to say mild. Mild is the choice of cowards. The adventurous soul choses hot! I had never know Stapp to choose the mediocre, quite to the contrary. But there was no mistaking what he had said. I stood there crumbling inside, holding in the tears. You broke my heart Scott Stapp, you broke my heart.

Happy holidays everyone,