Thursday, December 29, 2005

Love Is All : Herd Alert

Attention all sheep : in case you missed it we have our first Pitchfork/Insound/music bahbahlogger buzz band of 2006. Okay technically this all started this year but the record doesn't even street until the end of January 2006.

I don't consider myself much of a computer person so when it comes to google searches I am rather basic. Trying to search out this band not even their own website comes up...which by the way is under construction so there isn't anything to see there is interesting to see what are the top serach results for "all is love" band.

Pitchfork and 9 other things that have nothing to do with the Swedish band.

If you search "love is all"+ "Nine times that same song" you get:

Pichfork, Brooklynvegan , Insound, and then lots and lots of blogs.

So with minimal press and a record not even out yet Love is All is at the top of Insounds top sellers list as a pre-order!!!! Wow. I won't even go into if the band deserves it or not, either you like them or you don't. Not liking them because they have hype is just as dumb as liking them because you think you are supposed to. I would love to think music peer pressure and trends don't work on adults but who am I kidding. It happens to the best of us and I will be the first to admit I have a few electroclash records in my collection.

Part 2: Is 2006 the return of Riot Grrrl or music influenced by it's British counterpart?

It seems to me that with the Comet Gain reissues, A Delta 5 collection on Kill Rock Stars at the end of Jan, that UK band Sounds (who already came and went), a riot grrrl influence shout it in a Four Tet interview and bands like Long Blondes and Valerie rising in popularity and press; with it comes the subtle reintroduction of the UK riot grrrl bands that perhaps are not a direct influence to this new influx of female friendly indie rock but certainly helped to pave the way.

Keeping this in mind I have been determined to put together a list of 1990s UK(ish) riot grrrl(ish) bands. Again it is all a matter of opinion as far as who was the biggest or the best but my list will reflect both the most popular / and some my favorites. I am was actually amazed I owned so many of these records and it is in hindsight I realized I own as many grrrl groups from over seas as I do American ones. I will expand on the subject in my next post but I wanted to at least let you all know a mega post is on the way!

Scouting around on line I haven't found many great lists of bands falling under this category so maybe for a few people this will be a great 101 introduction to UK ladies who rock(ed).