Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Skygreen Leopards / Jehovah Surrender EP / Rating 7.4

Naturalistic process is paramount; albums come with pithy back-stories haloed in hazy traceries of light, flickering with pastoral forest music, and whispering tape-hiss sprites.

I am a failed new folk enthusiast.

I don’t pay much attention to the cycles of the moon.

I shave and wear deodorant.

I do not like to wear bells or moccasins.

Wine is okay but in a glass not from a pigskin satchel that has touched 7 other people’s mouths sitting in a circle barefoot with a joint traveling counter clockwise.

I call my fellow creative friends… friends and artists, not a collective with a faux hippy Native American aura.

I am actually 1/8 Native American and still I don’t do it.

Hemp is not my favorite fiber.

I am a city mouse and nature scares me a little. I have never been camping, nor have I been compelled to embrace any form of nature, literally.

I have never done acid but I appreciate a good psych rock record regardless.

The Skygreen Leopards make sloppy fuzzy vaguely catchy psych rock but I cannot bring myself to say is better than mediocre.

A PFM 7.4 must be the rating for new folk fans who don’t know any better or are so lost in the trend that they welcome any and all bands from that genre.

Seriously there are a million better groovy folk rock records out there.

If you want to go old school seek out the Incredible String Band, Tomorrow, Twink, Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Donovan, Comus, Gong, Pink Floyd, The Byrds, and Soft Machine to name a few not too obscure basics.

Any early Guided By Voices record will do you just fine as well.

PS: The word Jehovah doesn’t actually appear in the original text of the Old Testament. Scholars translating the body of work mistakenly combined a series of letters to create a word that read / sounded like Jehovah.