Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You Know You Want It !!!

Your friends at Tuningforkmedia would like to share some of our promo cd wealth with our readers...you!

All you need to do to win is:

1) Be the first to post a comment in this comments section naming the cd you would like to win. 2) If your comment appears first then you are the winner of that cd.
3) Then email us at tuningforkmedia@hotmail.com your name and address as well as the cd you won.
4) We mail you the cd and a very special tuningforkmedia DIY thank you membership card.

There is no cost or creepy catch. This is a straight up something for nothing. All we ask is you haven't won something in 90 days and don't be selfish... pick just one title please. If you don't like the cd pass it on to a friend. Selling it will cause you to go to indie rock hell.

Up for grabs /format is all cds:

Mugison - Mugimama! is this monkey music - Ipecac Records WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

VA - I Love Guitar Wolf - tribute to Guitar Wolf - Narnack Records ( w/ lightning bolt, Jon SPencer, J Mascis and more) WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

Paul Weller - As is Now - Yep Roc Records - Promo cd no art WE HAVE A WINNER!!!