Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Death From Above 1979 / Romance Bloody Romance / Rating 0.5

Worst release of 2005. Beyond awful.

A U2 pun and a failed collection of rocktastic do-overs = glorified beverage coaster

To make matters worse I actually purchased this steaming pile of waste and I am left wondering if I can ask Vice for a refund or trade it in at the label office for something, anything else.

This remix record is basically a glorified long EP (AKA ill-suited remixes of many of the same songs) but is priced like a regular full length record. I quadruple pity the DFA79 fans who paid the 20$ plus price for the import.

Nick Sylvester is normally the last PF writer I agree with but no person or dance floor needs this record...though my double tall iced latte sits nicely upon it.

Please avoid this cd at all cost.